Are you tired of copying the code from authorization SMS when entering instructions? Switch to easy confirmation of payments and other instructions in the mobile application.

How does it work?

Using push notifications is:

  • quick and easy,
  • comfortable and safe.

1. You enter an instruction in Internetbanking (or payment by card on the Internet).
2. The push notification "You have a transaction / instructions for authorization" will pop up on your mobile, which will take you to the payment detail.
3. Double check and easily click to confirm.

Not using Smartbanking with push notifications yet? Download it on Google Play or AppStore. More information can be found here.

Mobile settings

1.   Click at "My Fio" in the bottom right corner > Settings > Payment authorization.
2.   Select the option to Authorize with Mobile application
3.   Finally, save the update of instructions.

Web settings

Authorization of instructions submitted from Internetbanking and all card payments on the Internet

1. Open Settings in the upper right corner.
2. Select the Security section on the page that appears.
3. When selecting Authorization of orders submitted from Internetbanking and 3D Secure (i.e. on-line card payments), click on Change button.
4. Select Mobile Application from the drop-down menu and click on Send button.

Authorization of card payments on the Internet (separately for each card)

1.    Click at "My Fio" at the bottom right corner.
2.    Select option Settings in the section Smartbanking.
3.    Select Payments on the Internet (3D Secure) for Payment Authorization.
4.    Then select Mobile Application.
5.    Finally, save the update of instructions.

Manage your account from your mobile.

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