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Fio banka is the largest on-line broker in the Czech Republic and has been on the market since 1993

Trading through the application of e-Broker and Smartbroker is free, as well as administration or cancel the orders. Fees are charged only for the actual executed trades and by Fio banka have one of the lowest.


Stocks are share in the property company. Its ownership brings with it particular the right to make a decisions and the right to property.

Investing in stocks is connected with the expectation of higher returns, liquidity, but also higher risk. Investing in stocks is intended primarily for investors prepared to take responsibility for the value of its money.


Exchange Traded Funds are just that, funds traded on exchanges. An ETF is an index stock issued by an investment company. ETF composition matches the composition of the underlying asset, most frequently a stock index and its price copies the development of the price of the index with small deviations.

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