Electronic account management is a modern and effective method for quickly managing your finances from the comfort of home.

Internetbanking benefits

  • Can be arranged for any Fio current or savings account for free
  • Option to test out Internetbanking demo for 30 days
  • Ability to choose your own username
  • A high level of fraud protection - using single SMS codes or electronic keys
  • Control your account from any computer connected to the internet
  • Unlimited transaction history and optional settings for alerts, informing you of account movements as you want

Displaying and customizing information

  • Statements for accounts or sub-accounts
  • Balances on accounts or sub-accounts to a specific date, electronic statements
  • Unlimited transaction history for accounts and sub-accounts
  • Payment order history including order status
  • Overview of actions completed on the account
  • Online request for payment cards
  • Template set up
  • Ability to send questions using the application Fio service

Financial operations

  • Domestic and foreign single payment orders
  • Set up / change / cancela standing order, direct debit order, direct debit consent for another account or SIPO payments
  • Topping up mobile phone credit
  • Set up and cancel sub-accounts;close an account when allowed by contract and account conditions
  • Place / change / cancel a regular notice to a deposit
  • Recalling payment orders before they come due
  • Online payments PayMyWay

Manage your account from your mobile.

Download the free app Smartbanking!