More about Fio bank

Fio banka, a.s. is a new czech bank that is connected to the successful seventeen-year history of the Fio Financial Group. It is a completely Czech-owned entity with Czech owners and its services are provided at more than 70 branches across the Czech Republic. It offers a wide range of products for personal and business finance divided into two main areas:

  • Providing traditional banking services
  • Brokering securities transactions

The most common banking services it offers are current accounts, savings accounts and term deposit accounts, payments, payment cards and loans. Fio banka is also based on a strategy of zero fees for standard services for all without any conditions and a fully personalised approach to providing loans to small and medium enterprises.

Other active areas include investments - Fio banka is the largest Czech securities trader focused on smaller clients. Trading stocks on the internet has a clearly dominant position on the Czech market. Fio banka, a.s. is a stockholder and one of the most important members of the Prague Stock Exchange. It also facilitates a large portion of all stock trades on the RM-SYSTEM Stock Exchange. At the same time it also has a large share of the market for brokering trades for Czech clients on American and German stock markets.