Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts

Fio banka also offers high yields on EUR and USD accounts in addition to CZK accounts. You can choose a savings account or a term deposit with renewal.

EUR-denominated Fio Konto Savings Account

Fio Konto is a special savings account without any notice term and higher interest and can be opened using Czech Koruna or Euros. As opposed to a standard current account, Fio Konto cannot be used for SIPO payments or direct debit payments while funds can be transferred to a single electronic account, which can be selected electronically. A payment card can be attached to the account.

EUR/USD-denominated term deposit with renewal

Fio banka offers EUR-denominated term deposits. One benefit of term deposits is the higher rate of return they offer. The price for the higher rate of return is the fact that the funds are bound to the deposit for the interest period, varying from one week to two years. If the depositor does not cancel the account, the expiration of the period leads to the automatic renewal of the deposit under the conditions valid at the renewal date. All increased deposits and withdrawals are completed on the renewal date.

Benefits of term deposits

  • Above-standard returns on deposited funds
  • Deposits are legally insured
  • Account management - free
  • Simple control using Internetbanking

How to set up a term deposit

If you are a Fio banka client and have active Internetbanking, you can create your own term deposits online. Another option is to visit the nearest branches of Fio bank.

Manage your account from your mobile.

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